Ogo launches Omeo for international distribution

On 7 March 2019, Omeo Technology launched the Omeo from Ōtaki, New Zealand.

Omeo takes the awarding winning Ogo Evolution 1 to its next level of business development. Rigorously tested against exacting world safety standards and now ready for mass production and international distribution from Ōtaki, New Zealand!

Early user Sarah LaBrooy was involved in the process of developing the new brand name.

I thought about what the Ogo meant for me. I am at one with it – immediately came to mind. Put ‘O’ as the wheels on either side ‘me’ and you have o-me-o. If my experience is anything to go by I believe Omeo will, in time, invoke an image of freedom, joy and smart technology. I love that Omeo rolls off the tongue and literally has ‘me’ in between its wheels.

Sarah LaBrooy

These are exciting times, with 31 Agents in seven countries, orders rolling out across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA and enquiries coming in from all over the globe the future looks bright for Omeo and its users.

Omeo is changing lives and leveling the playing field in so many ways. Its hands-free operation and range of all-terrain tyres give users the freedom to play sport, move around the workspace and navigate just about any environment from city sidewalks and trains to farm tracks and the beach. Innovative self-leveling legs provide a stable platform to transfer on and off, and its 38km battery range and powerful headlights allow users to get from A-B at any time of the day or night.