Weight Restrictions

The recommended maximum weight is 110kg (or 246lbs). There is no warranty for users over 110kg.

The recommended minimum weight is about 40kg (or 100lbs).

Speed Restrictions

One of the key attractions is that the Omeo will travel up to 20km/hr (or 12mph).

Some areas do have restrictions. It is your responsibility to check and adhere to the rules and regulations in the area you are riding your Omeo.
Note: In Australia, the Omeo is factory set to 10km/hr due to speed restrictions.

Technical Specifications

Maximum safe weight capacity110kg | 243lbs
Minimum safe weight capacity40kg | 88lbs
Length (footrest up)740mm | 29 inches
Length (footrest down)900mm | 35 inches
Height – backrest on990mm | 39 inches
Height – backrest off650mm | 25 inches
Width – Standard set up650mm | 25.6 inches
Width – with Off-Road Kit865mm | 34 inches
Seat width430mm | 17 inches
Seat length460mm | 18 inches
Seat back height
Overall seat height is adjustable from 500mm – 560mm (20 – 22 inches)
460mm | 18 inches
Ground clearance85mm | 3.4 inches
Main Battery weight (Lithium Ion) x210.3kg | 22.7lbs
Auxiliary Battery weight x21.8kg | 4lbs
Tyre diameter (Standard)483mm | 3.4 inches
Tyre diameter (Off-Road tyres)483mm | 3.4 inches
Travel distance on a single charge – Standard setup
(NOTE: this will be less with the Off-Road Kit)
up to 50km | 31 miles
Weight (including batteries)75kg | 154lbs
Speed (This can be factory set for advised local regulations)up to 20kph | 12mph
Gradient20°- 25° incline and about 30° decline – provided there is sufficient traction