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We are now taking orders for New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, United States and Canada.

We are sorry to all of you outside of these territories anxious to have an Omeo, but it is important to us that you have the appropriate support and service infrastructure in place. We plan to establish Omeo Technology in other countries in due course.

Production time is typically 10 weeks from receipt of a deposit but can vary depending on demand.

Before placing your order on-line direct to us, it is important that you determine if the Omeo is right for you. It is in all of our interests that you are a safe and happy customer. A Pre-Trial Assessment, a trial and training are very important parts of the purchase process.

Please contact your nearest Omeo Agent to discuss your requirements.

Our Agents are an important member of the Omeo team. They are very well trained and ready to assist you with:

  • Identifying your needs and how the Omeo could fit into your lifestyle
  • Arranging a demo and trial
  • Completing a Pre-Trial Assessment to be a competent and safe user
  • Scoping out a suitable induction training programme
  • Determining your preferences (colour, LHS/RHS for controls and Joystick, Off-Road Kit, Travel Cover) and the initial settings of your Omeo based on your height and leg measurements
  • Explaining the Warranty and Purchase Agreement terms and conditions
  • Helping you to place your order online (below)
  • Liaising with you throughout the assembly and shipping process
  • Delivering your Omeo to you, or arranging to be with you on delivery
  • Induction and up to 3 hours of initial training in the use of your new Omeo
  • Ongoing coaching (available at additional cost)
  • After-sales service and advice
  • Becoming an active member of the Omeo Community.


Deposit required to confirm your order is USD $1,000

We supply New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, United States and Canada.

The global price of the Omeo is $19,950 USD or the local currency equivalent, but for New Zealand and Australia pricing is available on application due to regional differences.

Please note:

The price is locked in on acceptance of the order, and receipt of the deposit for your Omeo.

We review prices regularly and will update this website with any changes.

* The Omeo Evolution is documented as a Personal Mobility Device and has an HTS code 8711.60.0. Tariffs if any, may vary from country to country. The Omeo Evolution is not a medical device or health product.

** Sales Tax/ VAT/ GST varies from country to country. Sales Tax may be exempted if the Omeo is used for mobility assistance.

Omeo Technology are Importers of Record for the USA and Australia. In the European Community, we have a third party importer of record.

For all other countries, the purchaser is the Importer of Record. We will arrange freight and related documentation for you. Our shippers have custom brokers in most countries. The customs brokers will contact you on arrival of the Omeo to arrange for payment of tariffs, sales tax and fees.


Payment is by electronic funds transfer/wire direct to Omeo Technology.

On receipt of your order we will:

  1. Send you a Purchase Invoice including confirmation of the Device Configuration and request for payment of the deposit
  2. Confirm receipt of the deposit for the Omeo – once paid.
    Once we have received the Pre-Trial Assessment from your Agent and have received the deposit, your order will be accepted.
    Then, we will:
  3. Notify you as your Omeo is being assembled and confirm shipping details with you as it is nearing completion. NB. We assume shipping by sea. Please advise if you want to make alternative arrangements.
  4. Request final payment (including freight, insurance, tariffs, customs fees etc.) for the balance of the Purchase Price as set out in the Purchase Invoice, net of the deposit paid.
  5. Ship your Omeo to your Agent once we have received your final payment
  6. If you are importing (other than New Zealand, Australia, the European Community and the United States) the customs broker will contact you for customs fees, tariffs, taxes if applicable
  7. Your Omeo Agent will contact you to arrange delivery, induction and training
  8. You are now part of the Omeo Community!

Order your Omeo online

Is the Omeo right for you?

The Omeo Evolution is a dynamic and capable device that can be used by a wide range of people of all abilities.  Learning to ride and master the Omeo is a progressive skill. For some, it will take only an hour or two, for others perhaps somewhat longer. Like anything it just takes time and application and depends very much on your ability and confidence. For some, perhaps the Omeo is not suitable.

Ultimately you will find riding the Omeo will become very intuitive and exciting, where boundaries will be redefined and new levels of freedom and independence discovered. We want you to use and enjoy the Omeo to its fullest and to a be safe and happy user. A good understanding of the Omeo’s capabilities, a Pre-Trial Assessment and trial are to ensure the Omeo is right for you, followed by appropriate training which is essential to becoming a competent, safe and responsible user.

That is why it is important that you discuss your circumstances and needs with your nearest Omeo Agent.

Key Requirements for being able to ride the Omeo are to:

  • have the cognition, core and/or arm strength and stamina to maintain control at all times
  • be able to recover balance using either core muscles or arms
  • have the ability to progressively self-learn new skills
  • fit within the weight restrictions between 40kg and 110kg.
  • to act responsibly and safely, with respect to others and with regard to the laws and rules of your jurisdiction/area.

Note: The Omeo is not a medical device or health product.

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