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Ogo launches Omeo for international distribution

On 7 March 2019, Omeo Technology launched the Omeo from Ōtaki, New Zealand. Omeo takes the awarding winning Ogo Evolution 1 to its next level of business development. Rigorously tested against exacting world safety standards and now ready for mass production and international distribution from Ōtaki, New Zealand!

Early user Sarah LaBrooy was involved in the process of developing the new brand name.

“I thought about what the Ogo meant for me. I am at one with it – immediately came to mind. Put ‘O’ as the wheels on either side ‘me’ and you have o-me-o. If my experience is anything to go by I believe Omeo will, in time, invoke an image of freedom, joy and smart technology. I love that Omeo rolls off the tongue and literally has ‘me’ in between its wheels.” Says Sarah.

These are exciting times, with 31 Agents in seven countries, orders rolling out across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA and enquiries coming in from all over the globe the future looks bright for Omeo and its users. 

Omeo is changing lives and leveling the playing field in so many ways. Its hands-free operation and range of all-terrain tyres give users the freedom to play sport, move around the workspace and navigate just about any environment from city sidewalks and trains to farm tracks and the beach. Innovative self-leveling legs provide a stable platform to transfer on and off, and its 38km battery range and powerful headlights allow users to get from A-B at any time of the day or night.

In the beginning…

Kevin and Marcus met when Marcus was teaching Kevin’s daughters at Otaki College. They found that they both shared a love of field archery, and it was over this common passion that their friendship really grew. Their local Kapiti Archery Club offered a particularly unique experience, incorporating native bush trails and other forested areas as well as open grassland.

Kevin saw Marcus, a paraplegic since 2003, struggling through the rough terrain in his conventional wheelchair, sapping his energy and stamina. Just wanting to make it easier for Marcus, Kevin, a product design engineer, set himself a challenge; to develop a device that would increase Marcus’ mobility and give him freedom of movement so that he could compete as an equal.

Ogo archery

Marcus and Kevin enjoying a round of archery at their local club

Kevin’s extensive research led him to a proven, self-balancing technology, and through several years of development (while still doing design work for his regular clients), Kevin utilised this technology to create the patented ‘Active Seat Control’ system. Kevin has overseen three major prototype designs, making changes as he came to understand the restrictions that come with limited movement and mobility. Marcus has been our eager test pilot from the beginning. He has been pushing the Ogo to its limits, providing Kevin with valuable feedback on performance and design ideas.
Kevin Halsall with the award winning Ogo

Marcus testing some of the early Ogo prototypes

Ogo prototype
Now, many people have tested the Ogo Evolution 1 with instant delight. Just look at their smiles in our videos. A smile of new possibilities, freedom, independence, job and recreation opportunities and confidence. We call it the Ogo smile.

Our testing so far has been very rewarding. The Ogo Technology team have met so many wonderful and determined people, and have been really impressed with how the Ogo works for differing levels of ability, needs and desires. Early on in our testing phase, we realised that with a few design tweaks, the Ogo had applications across every sector of the community.

Kevin and his team aim to continue to develop these ideas and also create a range of cost effective accessories to make life easier and more exciting in the personal mobility space.

More to come…

Catriona Williams on the Ogo

The Ogo smile of some Ogo trialists

Ogo smile

Ogo Technology

We are a provider of innovative technology and cool design that continually push the boundaries and thinking behind movement and personal mobility.

We are founded on the multi-award-winning design and patented mobility innovation – the Ogo. The underlying principles of our founder, Kevin Halsall and the dedicated team run deeply through everything we do here at Ogo Technology by providing ethical cutting-edge solutions to improve the lives of others.

A video of Kevin and the prototype Ogo went viral on social media (with over 20 million hits) and this saw the beginning of a worldwide hunger for this game-changing technology. People could see its life-changing implications for many, whilst others saw the impact that it would have over other choices currently available in the recreational transport and general mobility sectors.

So the rest, as they say, is history. Encouraged by overwhelming feedback to get the Ogo to people as soon as possible, we have persisted, risen to the challenge and evolved. A few years, many prototypes and refinements later, we are now assembling.

Kevin Halsall with the award winning Ogo

Kevin with the award-winning Ogo back in 2015

Ogo prototype

Some refinements to the Ogo body prototype – 2017

Ogo production

Gearing up for production

Ogo production
Ogo serial number

Ogo Technology’s head office, with its administration and research and development areas, remains based in the founders’ hometown of Otaki in New Zealand. The Ogo is assembled at an ISO accredited manufacturer in Hutt City, Wellington.

Our business model has been crafted around the needs of the consumer so that they have an affordable, safe, reliable and fun product. Our mission is to get the Ogo to as many people as possible who can benefit from it. Key to this is that you purchase the Ogo direct online with the help of one of our Agents, all of who own and actively use an Ogo.

Our customers are welcomed into the expanding Ogo community and encouraged to share their experiences. This keeps us focused on user needs and continues to fuel our passion to drive further innovation.

Our Authorised Agents can assess needs, arrange trials, help with explaining all of the very attractive features of the Ogo.

It is important to us that our customers are happy, competent and responsible Ogo users. This is why our Agents go through an intensive training programme before and at delivery. This, in turn, allows new users to integrate the Ogo, seamlessly and intuitively into their lifestyles, have a great Ogo experience and share their joy and enthusiasm for life with others.

And… it doesn’t stop with the Ogo Evolution 1 – the more we get immersed in the world of personal mobility, the more we realise how under-provided it is. This has given us the basis for many further creative and innovative mobility solutions that will continue to improve and help change people’s lives. We continually push the boundaries to change the accepted thinking around movement, accessibility and personal transportation.

At Omeo our goal is to help change lives for the better by making our ground breaking technology affordable for everyone who can benefit from it.

Kevin Halsall

Omeo Founder & Designer

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