Omeo is a Lifechanger

This personal mobility device lets you change the way you lead your life; its unique balance-based movement technology allows you to interact with the world around you in a revolutionary new way.

Around the home and in the office, the Omeo’s hands-free operation makes daily living easier, it’s 0-degree turning circle and compact design allow you to navigate even the tightest of spaces.

When you are out and about on an Omeo you will discover there’s a whole new world to explore.

In the city, the Omeo allows you to move at speed and with confidence. With a range of up to 50km’s, the Omeo is perfect for those busy days.

Off the tarmac and with a quick change to the Off-Road Kit, the Omeo gives you unrivalled all-terrain capability, making the previously unimaginable accessible.

The winner of major innovation awards, Omeo has changed mobility with intelligent design.

The Omeo is now available in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Canada.

Omeo Technology is a registered NDIS provider in Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

How much warning do you have before the battery dies?

The remaining battery power is shown on the InfoKey controller with a series of bars. The Omeo will warn you, alarm you and shake; when the battery is close to needing a charge. It also has several built-in safety features.

Can I transport the Omeo in a car?

The Omeo can be easily transported in a small hatchback, van or SUV.  Perhaps one, but normally two able-bodied people can either lift it manually into the back of the vehicle, or it can be driven or pushed easily up a ramp.

What can I use an Omeo for?

Omeo is a personal mobility device that has many uses. It can be used as an additional wheelchair, a piece of sports and recreational equipment, a general means of personal mobility for those who find it difficult or prefer not to walk.

Is this a medical device?

No, the Omeo is classified as a personal mobility device.

Will it go through household doorways?

The Omeo will go through standard household doorways, which are typically 28-30 inches, or 710-760 mm.

The “All-Terrain” wheels (that come in the Off-Road Kit) will likely not fit through standard household doors.

Will NDIS cover an Omeo?

Omeo Technology is an NDIS registered provider in Australia and there are many Omeo users that have had success in getting their Omeo covered. Contact us and your local Australian agent will help you through the process.