Agents are crucial members of the Omeo team. They are in many locations and are ready to assist you and ensure you get the best out of your Omeo.

As Agents are typically Omeo owners and users themselves, they are knowledgeable and will likely understand your needs, and are there to help and support you throughout your Omeo journey.

New Zealand

Upper & Central North Island | Karen & Trevor Kearney – Wheel Adventures

Lower North Island | Omeo Techonology

South Island | Shanon Arnold – Speedy Snail Mobility


SA, WA & TAS | Tim Barnes

QLD, NT, VIC, ACT (Canberra) | Katrina Lucas & Neil Hart

NSW | Philip Walz – Independent Mobility & Rehab


CA, Los Angeles | Gretchen Ryan

FL, Bradenton | Nancy Janus & Brian Berry

NC, Kannapolis | Kim Bumgardner

NE, Omaha | Mike Schirk

NY, Macedon | Steve Poutre

SC, Charleston | Marcus & Karen Rosenlehner

OR, Lake Oswego | Michael Neher

TX, Dallas | Kyle & Kristen Kromer

WA, Bellevue | Robert Rigg

San Francisco | Spring Adamo

United Kingdom

Northern Ireland | Richard Lappin

London | Cristian Brownlee & Matthew Walker


Netherlands | Gerhard Breugem

Sweden | Hans Kleine

New Zealand

Upper & Central North Island | Karen & Trevor Kearney – Wheel Adventures

Wheel Adventures is based in Auckland but covers the top half of the North Island. Trevor and Karen are involved in demonstrating the Omeo, ACC Trials, Rider Training and Servicing. They are dedicated to getting people out and enjoying our beautiful country!

Lower North Island | Omeo Technology

We have a dedicated team providing ethical cutting-edge solutions to improve the lives of others.

South Island | Shanon Arnold – Speedy Snail Mobility

Speedy Snail Mobility (previously Mobility Solutions Centre Dunedin) focuses on three core objectives: The first is to provide a range of chairs that are not only lightweight, functional and energy efficient but allow the users unique personality to shine through. Ensuring their chair feels more like an extension of self rather then just a mobility aid. 


SA, WA & TAS | Tim Barnes – Evolve e-Mobility Solutions

Tim is passionate about increasing mobility options for people living with disabilities. We are lucky enough to have been selected as the Authorised Omeo Agents for Adelaide and look forward to introducing you to the only personal mobility device with an intuitive hands-free control system, for freedom of movement and maximum independence.

As a wheelchair user of 17 years, Tim has experience and an understanding of the use of mobility aids and the impact they have on the lives of their users.

Tim is excited about the Omeo and the opportunities it provides to increase access to everyday activities and the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

QLD, NT, VIC, ACT (Canberra) | Katrina Lucas & Neil Hart – Electric Personal Vehicles

Katrina originally from Sydney and Neil originally from Adelaide have been in business for over 30 years. We are based on the Gold Coast but happy to travel! We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and delivering excellent service. We are extremely excited and passionate about being the first QLD Agent in Australia for the Omeo.

We are looking forward to demonstrating the Omeo to people with mobility challenges. As these likeminded people are well aware, having safe and reliable wheels can significantly enhance the quality of life, with, a greater sense of connection, independence, freedom and most importantly, endless opportunities.

Philip Walz

NSW | Philip Walz – Independent Mobility & Rehab

With over 30 years’ experience, our team hasn’t met a problem that we cannot solve or found a customers need that cannot be assisted. With an ability to provide all mobility solutions, we supply and fit mobility equipment for our customers, we trial all items before purchase and sell both new and used equipment. We also service, repair and provide trade in on mobility items.

We have access to all major suppliers from overseas and Australia allowing us to provide the correct product to our customers. Situated on Lambton Road, Broadmeadow we are centrally located to Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

We have relationships with professionals in both the public and private sectors and are accredited and preferred suppliers with NDIS, NSW Health, DVA and all major insurers so no problem is too big or too small.

Your ability … Our Priority!


CA, Los Angeles | Gretchen Ryan

Gretchen Ryan has been a wheelchair user since a car accident as a teenager, when she was a passenger in a Jeep that flew off a Mountain cliff, leaving her paralyzed. She was the first female, downhill, off-road wheelchair racer in the world, and for years drove a Harley-Davidson with hand controls and a sidecar. She is thrilled about the play, speed and versatility Omeo will be bringing into people’s lives, in both adventurous and practical ways.

Gretchen loves and cares about people, and is honored and excited to be representing Omeo.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA, where she also works as a professional artist and portrait painter.

FL, Bradenton | Nancy Janus & Brian Berry – Free on 2 Wheels

Hi!  We are Nancy Janus and Brian Berry, living in Bradenton, Florida with our three daughters whom we adopted from Colombia as babies. Now they are grown and are a huge source of joy for us!

Speaking of joy, we are thrilled about the Omeo and anticipate all the terrific ways it will change our and your life as well! We both have always loved travel, for Nancy going back to her days as a Peace Corps volunteer and for Brian teaching personal development skills throughout the Western world. Nancy is a college professor of Human Development, still teaching part-time while Brian continues to consult on personal development.

Nancy travelled frequently with groups of college students in developing countries and says that that has been the very best part of her work. It was so until 2012 when she was hit by a car from behind on a neighborhood street as she rode her bike to join her bike club for a Wednesday morning ride. The accident left her with a spinal cord injury, taking away her ability to walk or to use her hands effectively. (She is trying to convert her love of bicycling into a love of recumbent tricycling but the results have yet to be seen.)

Brian has stepped right up to being a caregiver, and in many ways our love and admiration for each other has grown stronger since the accident.

Why have we become Agents for the Omeo? Because it is the most exciting technology we’ve ever seen for the lively mobility of disabled or elderly people! We are especially excited about the Omeo’s off-road capability…our Florida beaches, state park trails, and probably most important to us, being able to maneuver on the unkempt roads and paths of the developing world. Do contact us if you would like to be a part of our excitement!

NC, Kannapolis | Kim Bumgardner

Hi! My name is Kim Bumgardner. I am the wife to Phil Bumgardner and we’ve been married for 36 years.  We have 2 children, Adam and Julianna, a son-in-law, Chase and the most amazing grandchildren, Charlotte and Silas!

In 1989, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which left me paralyzed at the T4 level. Having to use a wheelchair for the past 29 years, I’ve become well versed in accessibility products. That is why I am so excited to become an Omeo Agent.

In August of 2017, I had the privilege to meet the Omeo team and “test drive” the Omeo. I knew then it was a game changer for those who use a wheelchair.  For me, it would open adventures I had not been able to do since being in a chair. Life is too short to sit still! I look forward to assisting you in “grabbing life by the wheels” by purchasing your Omeo.

Much love and endless trails!

NE, Omaha | Mike Schirk – aWay2Roll

Hello Everyone- I’m Mike Schirk, an Agent of the Omeo Technology team.

I spent my youth in the wilds of Upper Michigan, my adult life and working career in Chicago, Illinois, and now my grandparent years and 2nd career living in Omaha Nebraska. I have wonderful adult children, daughters/sons-in-law, and two terrific grandchildren. Having a passion for music, arts, sports and living life to the fullest, I had a change in my lifestyle and activities a few years ago.

With a combination of spinal stenosis and peripheral polyneuropathy, I had to leave my position in technology sales at a much younger age than expected or wanted.  Walking becomes quite painful within short distances, and wheelchair usage becomes problematic.  Roaming the internet, I found the Omeo Personal Mobility Device and watched anxiously for the near-monthly progress videos of the advances of the PMD.

I am elated to get delivery of my unit and start demonstrating how there can be a new mobility chapter in life for those who are disabled and have been trapped by their physical challenges.

Working with affected survivors in the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska and discussing the trials of being disabled with the medical community, I so look forward to sharing what this life-changing PMD engineering will do for others.  Grab Life by the Wheels!

NY, Macedon | Steve Poutre – Creative Mobility LLC

Steve was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg at age 15 (1979). After 15 months of chemotherapy, he was declared cancer free. Two years later he was diagnosed with leukemia. If all that wasn’t enough, in 1998, he was on a second-story deck when it collapsed. He ended up breaking his left leg in seven places. The doctors told his wife that he would probably never walk again. Eighteen months later, he was able to return to his job as a wedding photographer. It was obvious at this time he would not be able to do this job long term due to the amount of discomfort while walking.

He retired from wedding photography in 2003. Steve has never been one of those people who ask, “why me?” but rather, “where do I go from here?” He believes the totally hands-free operation of the Omeo will change the lives of thousands.Steve recognizes that simple tasks most people take for granted will now be possible with the Omeo. He says, “just think of carrying a glass of milk and a piece of pie, at the same time, from the kitchen to the dining room table…. without help!” He is excited and looks forward to educating; demonstrating and exploring all the ways Omeo will enhance people’s lives.

SC, Charleston | Marcus & Karen Rosenlehner – 504 Mobility

We, Marcus and Karen Rosenlehner are passionate about promoting the Omeo.

We have the opportunity to provide an amazing solution for mobility limitations to the disabled. This Personal Transportation System (PTS) is life-changing, technologically innovative, and sleek in design. Marcus, a marathon runner and avid squash player suffered an almost life-ending stroke. He subsequently was “locked-in,” meaning he was totally paralyzed and unable to talk and could communicate only by blinking his eyes. Miraculously, he overcame his ordeal and through hard work now walks with a cane or walker.

The Omeo gives Marcus his long-awaited independence again and provides him with mobility which makes him almost forget his disability. Marcus is an attorney (Germany) with a Master’s Degree in International Business Law and worked for Washington, D.C. firms of Patton Boggs, LLP and Kirkland & Ellis, LLP in antitrust law. He also focused on cases involving International Child Abduction and appeared in the U.S. and German print media as well as 60 Minutes with Christiane Amanpour.

Marcus sees the Omeo as a life-changing Personal Transportation System (PTS) which will not only help fellow disabled persons, but can also be used for disabled sports (such as basketball, tennis, etc.), sight-seeing tours, PTS for the elderly, and much, much more.  Its uses are unlimited and he thinks this innovation will touch a lot of people’s lives.

Karen, Marcus’ wife, is a Registered Nurse (RN) and was instrumental in his recovery. She has vast experience with a career focus on cardiac nursing. She became Marcus’s caregiver. Karen knows from experience how difficult it was for Marcus to get around and was forced to function as his “Personal Transportation System.” Omeo frees her from this task and has made an incredibly positive impact on both their lives.

OR, Lake Oswego | Michael Neher

Hello, I’m Michael Neher, a NW born and raised outdoor enthusiast!!  I was lucky enough to break my neck twice…. once playing football and then a year later I had a car accident that left me in a wheelchair. 35 years later I see this Omeo Technology and I’m super excited to help bring this to market. I’ve been involved in the van Mobility business many many years and this new Omeo product has me super excited!

I grew up on a farm so I love new innovations. It’s going to be fun showing people the Omeo and watching the smiles and freedom of movement the Omeo gives people of all ages, with disabilities and without.

TX, Dallas | Kyle & Kristen Kromer

We are Kyle and Kristen Kromer and we live in North Texas near Dallas/Fort Worth.

We are the proud parents of two children, a daughter and a son. Preston, our youngest, is currently a junior in high school. Preston was born with Arthrogryposis or AMC. He has been using wheelchairs (primarily power chairs) since he was three years old. Since day one, Preston has never allowed his disabilities to stop him from trying anything. He has waterskied, loves to snow ski and currently plays percussion in the high school marching band, symphonic band and jazz band. He just slides the drumsticks in his watchband and rubber bands on his wrists and pushes the drum and DTX electronic pad onto the marching field. He also rides horses and shows horses in the arena leading them in his wheelchair. Needless to say, he is a very active guy.

We believe the Omeo will open up even more possibilities to him and to so many others with mobility issues. We are excited for the opportunity to help you try the Omeo and discover the freedom of mobility that it offers. Please let us know if we can help you.

WA, Bellevue | Robert Rigg – Right Path Mobility

My wife, Emiko, and I live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle Washington in a city named Bellevue. I have been a teacher and counselor for over 30 years; Emiko has also worked in the education field at a local college. We learned about this amazing device from my daughter Spring who was already part of the Omeo family. We looked at the videos and the website. I was intrigued and fascinated by the technology and the people. The concept and design reminded me of the high-tech area I live in near Microsoft.

We were invited to the Los Angeles Abilities Fair and the Omeo magic hit us. We were so amazed by the agility of the Omeo and the ease at which people were riding. But, the real beauty of the Omeo is the transformation that appears on the faces of those who took a trial run. In all my years as a counselor I have never seen such joy come over people in such a short time. Emiko and I are thankful and excited to be on the Omeo Team. We are looking forward to helping match people to their very own Omeo personal mobility device.

San Francisco | Spring Adamo

United Kingdom

Northern Ireland | Richard Lappin

Port Stewart, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

London | Cristian Brownlee & Matthew Walker | Adapt Ability

Cristian is the Innovations Manager of Adapt Ability that covers mainland UK as the authorised agent of Omeo Technology. We are a small, dedicated team committed to supporting you on your journey of discovering how the Omeo can vastly improve your quality of life.

After sustaining a severe spinal cord injury in 2011, Cristian has since kept himself closely involved with a wide range of different mobility assistive products and developed a strong background with the latest that self-balancing technology has to offer. With the Omeo’s consistent updates and versatility, we are confident that it blows away all other mobility devices, and with the support of our experienced health professional, we can ensure whether the Omeo will be right for you so you can maximise the potential of your lifestyle.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or if you would like us to arrange a free demonstration with you.


Netherlands | Gerhard Breugem | 2Kerr

2Kerr is specialized in seated Segway solutions and I am really excited to start working with Omeo Technology in Europe.

Having many years of experience with a variety of Segway solutions and having launched the first fully integrated seated Segway solution (Genny Mobility) in The Netherlands 4 years ago, I am very familiar with the great technology and fantastic applications of these solutions.

But much more important than the technology is the life-changing functionality it brings to the everyday life of many (disabled) people. It is exactly that positive energy that motivates me every day to put in the extra mile for satisfied customers.

With 2Kerr I established a company fully dedicated to great mobility solutions for disabled people, with a strong focus on self-balance technology. A truly unique concept that provides a full range of quality products for our customers and I can’t wait to have Omeo in our collection.

The Omeo has a totally unique approach which I am sure is very easy to use and also lot’s of fun. I strongly believe great products will stand out and sell itself and I am sure Omeo is such a great product. Don’t hesitate to contact us and come and try it for yourself (no strings attached).

Sweden | Hans Kleine

My name is Hans Kleine. I am a Dutchman from The Hague, but now living in Karlstad, Sweden.

My background is that I am a psychiatrist and have been working in the public healthcare for many years, with a focus on other general psychiatry, substance use and dependence. During the last few years, I have mostly been working in my own company, with different supervision and educational tasks in the healthcare system.

I am a Motivational Interviewer trainer and have had workshops on suicide prevention and psychiatric law issues. I also have an antiquarian bookshop since 2006. I have own experience of neurologic illness, but am fortunate that for now, I do not have any problems in my day to day life.

Because of my concern for the future I have had an interest in new ways of transporting and have been following Omeo Technology through their newsletter. After their production announcement this spring, I replied and was appointed an Omeo Agent.

I live in Karlstad, in the centre of Scandinavia and will be eager to help anyone with questions concerning The Omeo: ordering, importing, user instructions and guidance.

“More personal independence and freedom for everyone”.